Tips For Going To A Hair Salon Or Spa


Hair salons and spas offer an array of services that are indulgent, relaxing, and fun. Splurging on a spa visit now and again is an excellent way to pamper yourself and feel wonderful. If you have never been to an upscale salon or spa before, you may feel a bit nervous about it. This article provides helpful tips for going to a hair salon or spa.

First, consider some basic etiquette for going to these places. Salons and spas are designed to provide a calm and tranquil environment for guests. Avoid using your cell phone and make sure to silence your ringer. As a general rule, it is simply polite not to use your electronic devices in these environments. A high end location like Hair Salon San Diego at ONE Salon is place where you want to have your stylist focused on your instead of any other distractions.

Most salons and spas prefer that guests do not bring children with them to their appointments. Again, this is because a spa is geared towards giving guests a peaceful experience. Make sure to plan ahead and arrange a babysitter before your spa appointment. This will allow you to fully relax during your experience, and it is courteous to other guests.

Tipping is another part of hair salon and spa etiquette. As a general rule, it is best to tip a minimum of 15 percent if you received quality service. If you believe your service was above average, it is polite to tip 20% as an expression of gratitude. Factor the cost of tipping into your total payment before going to your appointment.

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If you are getting a manicure, it is best to come in with bare, clean nails. Manicurists can remove old nail polish if necessary, but the process is a bit time-consuming. After your nails are done, avoid submerging them in hot water for as long as possible. Hot water makes it difficult for nail polish to fully harden and dry.

If you are getting a facial, it is best to come in without makeup on. An esthetician will be working with your bare skin in order to pamper you. Cosmetics can negatively effect treatments, and they are time-consuming to remove. Sport a bare face or wear minimal makeup when going to a spa appointment.

Lastly, feel free to call the spa or hair salon if you have any specific questions. If you are looking for a hair colorist who specialized in full color make sure to ask if there are any specialist or master stylist working there. These may be questions about pricing, procedures, etiquette, and more. This will ensure that your visit goes as smoothly as possible. With this advice in mind, you can fully enjoy your indulgent spa or salon experience.

Skin Care Ingredients To Avoid During Pregnancy

There is a great deal of changes in a women during pregnancy and one concern women have is how things they eat and use will affect their baby. It is no different with skin care products. You should never ignore skin changes however mild they may be. The skin usually serves as an indicator of what is on inside the body. For pregnant women it is extremely important to always notice any small changes in their skin especially when using skin care products and cosmetics.  Medical experts advice that, that women should leave out the following chemicals during pregnancy and after birth, and up to five months if breastfeeding.

Chemical sunscreens-The main active ingredients in sunscreen comes in two forms, mineral and chemical.  The details of how they work is based on the suns protection factor (SPF) which  has a range of 2 to 50. If for example you use an SPF 10 product, it implies that you can stay 10 times longer out in the hot sun without your skin getting burned. But major disadvantage comes on excessive use and the resulting side effects from chemical that can lead to problems for the baby and mother. Simply use a sunscreen that is 100% natural.

Aluminum chloride hexahydrate–This chemical (also known as Xerac AC,Drysol, Hypercare) is known to affect the cells that produce sweat by inhibiting their function. It is actually an antiperspirant that is mostly used to treat over sweating (hiyperhidrosis) and many of these have lead in them.

Diethanolamine (DEA)-This chemical is usually used as emulsifiers to form bubbles in cosmetics products. It also serves as a control of Ph levels in cosmetic products. They can easily cause harm if inhaled are should be avoided.

Beta hydroxy acids-This chemical has gained significance in skin care, after it emerged as a solution for the aging skin problems. It works as an exfoliant that causes cells in the epidermis to peel off. You can find (BHA) is many chemical peel spa services and we advise to ask question when getting any kind of skin care treatments and find out what type of chemicals are in the products

Formaldehyde-The main use of this chemical is in press-wood products like plywood and fiber board. Glues and adhesives also contain this chemical. Formaldehyde is also pregnancy and skincarepregnant skin carecommonly used in disinfectants, germicides, fungicides and many industrial chemcials and should be avoided. Formaldehyde has diffrent names like diazolidinyl urea, sodium hydroxymethylglycinate, and dimethyl-dimethyl (DMDM). A good rule of thumb is if you can’t pronounce the name, then is probably a good idea to avoid it.

Other chemicals that can harm if used contrary to their designed purpose and mode of application, Include, Hydroquinone, Parabens, Phthalates, RetinolThioglycolic acid and lastly but not least Toluene. There a no know medical test, but we simply advise to avoid many of these chemical to eliminate any chances of causing harm to the mother or baby. Just be warned that careless use of such can result in unintended effects.  Please call or visit